Friday, April 5, 2013

I think I'm starting to like this

Another day, another run in Gordon Woods. Today I explored the near side of Chebacco Road a little more thoroughly and discovered some pretty overgrown singletrack and also found both of the isthmuses (or is it isthmi?) that Nate and I ran over yesterday. The one I wasn't sure about before is at the south end of Gravelly Pond. Then I headed across Chebacco Rd./Pine St. into some Manchester/Essex woods. Ran the Ancient Line Trail (very dark with close evergreens) to Pulpit Rock Trail. Turned around after about a mile on the Pulpit Rock Trail because I had to be back to meet someone at 1:00. Ended up going 13.5 in 1:45. I averaged just under 7:00's for the first 7 or 8 miles, but then the terrain got a lot more gnarly with sharp turns and up and down over big chunks of exposed granite, so I was problem running 9:30's or 10:00's for the miles in the Manchester woods.

I couldn't decide if this run was helping me to get ready for Mount Washington or the hike over the Bigelow Range that Heather and I are talking about in May. Either way it was a great time in the woods, and with a meet at UMass-Dartmouth all day tomorrow, I know I probably won't run again until Sunday afternoon. My hope is to bring Heather over to run some of the same trails then.


  1. Isthmuses, isthmi has a different meaning specific to human anatomy

  2. I checked; I think either is okay, just wicked dorky.