Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

After breakfast with Heather, Ben, Grace and Emma at Stone Soup in Ipswich and some shopping in Danvers - Babies R Us for a car seat, Trader Joe's for some specialty groceries, Burlington Coat Factory for some socks (I know, you had to know), headed out for a medium-long run eager to enjoy the forty degree sunshine.

First mile was 6:23 and I felt ambitious, since I would normally hope to average 6:40's on a run like this. Yesterday was fairly easy, though, so I thought 6:20's might be OK. To my surprise, mile 2 split was 12:19 (5:56), but I felt relaxed and good in my race rockers, so I just decided to try to hold sixes for as long as I could. The loop is rolling hills on mostly quiet secondary roads near my house, and so I ran on the shoulder, crunching the melting snow and splashing through the small puddles. Mile 3 was 6:03, mile 4 was 5:58, then mile 5 was a 5:46. From there I continued with a 6:02; 5:51, 5:43 (mile 8), 5:51, 6:00, 5:59, finished up with a 5:48, 5:45, and a 5:30.

Felt great! 1:23:04 for 14.08 total. (81 miles for the week)

Thank you, God!

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