Friday, January 11, 2013

Some quality work

Ran up to the Gordon outdoor track (.25) and did 2-miles for a warmup. There was some snow on the last 160 meters or so, with some breaks but some sections of pretty good cover. Decided that the spikes would help and opted to give some 1000m repeats a go. The last time I tried a workout on an interrupted track was at the Beverly track a couple summers ago when it was under construction and there were a couple raised platforms across all six lanes that you had to run up and over and the workout ended up being a bust.

Started out thinking 7-10 x 1000m would be good, with sub-3:10 as the goal. First one felt good in 3:05, jogged 600m in about 2:40, then back into it. 3:03 for the second, 3:07 for the third which would be my slowest. Had to adjust the effort so that I was at top speed heading into the snowy sections, and usually was pretty hard the last 200 to make up ground on the clean track. I started these at the finish line and ended at the 200m start, so I only had to run through the snow twice per 1000.

Fourth and fifth were 3:04; sixth and seventh were 3:03. Eighth was 3:06, then ninth was 3:03 again. Last one I ditched the watch and tried to run my fastest but relaxed. Finished with a final 600m jog and then switched back into trainers for 2 miles on the track cooldown and the jog back down to my office.

Sub-31:00 for 10x1000. 31:28 is my pr on the outdoor track. I would love to take a crack at 31:15 or 31:00 this spring.

14.5 total for the day.

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