Thursday, July 4, 2013

14 on the 4th

got up early (5:35) and out the door just before 6 to get some miles in for the day. I knew it was going to be hot later and I wanted to spend some time with family, so Heather and I both wanted to be done by breakfast.

My goal was 14, and I had to average 6:40's with an empty stomach to make it happen. I felt surprisingly good, given the humidity and higher recent mileage, which I think I'm starting to adjust to. After a 7:18 opener, I kept them all between 6:20 and 6:45, with some definite focus required to hold on the last few. Glad to have the rest of the day to relax.

Looks like the next few days are going to be hot.

I'm trying to put together the ultimate ipod mix for some 1200's early next week.


  1. I live for my mile repeats and 400 workouts

  2. This week was miles, next week is 1200's, third week will be 400's maybe, then I have couple races, so the week after that maybe I will get back to miles again. Notice I'm skipping 800's. I will do 1000's occasionally.