Friday, July 5, 2013

Running in the heat

Left Gordon at about noon; it was getting pretty close to ninety degrees, although there was a little breeze. In the sun it was pretty hot, so I tried to find the shady side of the street where there was one. I hoped to do twelve miles, and have been feeling pretty good the last few days with longer single runs (read: too lazy to get out of bed when the alarm went off this morning, so stuck trying to get the days miles in one run). I kept it conservative heading out, knowing I would be out for an hour and twenty minutes or more. Headed down Hull St. to Centerville, then Standley Street over 128, onto the Beverly Homecoming course at Boyles, out to 127. I ran north on 127, which follows the coast through Endicott College and up to Beverly Farms. A couple stretches along here I was treated to an arctic-feeling breeze off the water, which helped delay the overheating. Turned around right by West Beach and slogged my way back. I was more comfortable than yesterday morning, but still got that squishy soaked-foot of sweat the last couple miles.

Just over 12 miles at 6:50 pace.

It looks like tomorrow and Sunday are going to hit ninety, then maybe a little milder next week, which will be nice. I trust that getting out and getting the miles these hot days is going to help during those hot races later this month.


  1. 12 miles at noon in this heat wave is asking for trouble, you're crazy!

  2. It actually felt okay (kind of) because even though it was hot, it was way less humid than it has been in the mornings...