Friday, July 12, 2013

PC/CP (Pastoral Care / Cranmore Prep)

7:00 am - nice run and conversation with Pastor Derek at Appleton Farms. A little stiff at the outset and headed out across the Farms then back through the Grass Rides. (5.68/44:51)

12:26 pm - Tried to stick to the most technical trails, single track, rocks, roots, steep hills, etc. in Gordon Woods to get ready for next weekend's Mt. Cranmore race. I already have much love for the mountain circuit after the gracious treatment RD Paul Kirsch has shown me. If I can procure some X-Talons in time, I will be golden. Did the run today in my Saucony Fastwitch, which will probably be the default shoe if I don't find something better soon.

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