Wednesday, July 10, 2013


6:36 am - out the door slowly this morning, still feeling some residual effects from yesterday's track workout. Had an hour to run before the life insurance woman came to draw our blood at the kitchen table over breakfast plus Heather was deferring to the afternoon run since my mom would be able to watch the kids. did the full 8-mile (8.19) morning loop, just holding 7's. Came back and showered, had breakfast and went to work.

2:27 pm - Pretty warm and humid, though nothing like last week. A little bit of an ocean breeze. Decided the woods were the place to be, so headed into Gordon Woods and tried to take a few roads less travelled, especially where they involved steep inclines and declines. Trying to get used to letting go on the downhills and just giving gravity a chance to make me go faster. Stayed in for 10+ in 1:35. Feeling good.

Next steps: sign up for Cranmore, get some shoes to run it in. Any suggestions for footwear would be appreciated.

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