Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Update


7:17 am - After Heather returned from her third Saturday early, early, early morning run with the Team Gloucester ladies, I ran 10 on the roads at 6:40 pace. Soaked as usual. 101 miles for the week, most so far in 2013.
Checked out the NE Running Company Tent Sale with Heather as the first half of our afternoon date. I grabbed a pair of Nike Lunarflys for $20, plus a singlet and a pair of shorts. Heather got two pairs of shoes, two pairs of shorts and a singlet. Grand total = $135 - $50 gift certificate = $85. Not bad. Green tea peach lemonade from Starbucks after standing in the hot parking lot for an hour or so hit the spot. Full NERC crew working the sale - Dave, Wes, Derek, EJN, etc. Also saw CMS teammate Dan Vassallo and his wife arriving as we were leaving.


6:06 am - a lot of internal dialogue going on between the time my alarm went off at 5:15 and the time I got out of bed at 5:57 (yes I should, no I shouldn't kind of stuff). Ended up being a pretty good run on the fourteen mile loop through Hamilton, Wenham, Ipswich. Threw in a Sagamore Hill for good measure. Total 14.56 in 1:36:10. Started around 6:45's finished with some 6:20's and faster. Soaked again. Enjoyed running in the lunarflys and other new gear from the tent sale.

Monday morning

5:59 am - full morning loop to kick off the working week. 8.2 miles in 56:28. Ben's first day of Gordon College Little Scots' Soccer Camp started at 8:30, so he came into work with me which was awesome.

Checked out some of entrants for this Sunday's Cranmore race here. With the 18 guys mentioned in the article, plus the best New England mountain runners, it will be a stacked field. Looking forward to trying out the Inov-8 X-Talons thanks to Kevin Tilton!

Monday afternoon

1:34 pm - 85 degrees, mostly sunny; 9.63 miles, mostly in Gordon Woods in 1:14:06


  1. NE Running Company had a tent sale?????? And I missed it????? WHAT THAT IS NOT OK

  2. Sorry, Al! Next time (in 3 years?) I will make sure you get a heads up.