Monday, July 1, 2013

4 x mile - BOOOooo.....m (little m).

After figuring out at least part of the reason I have been feeling less than my best the last few days (see previous post), I headed out into the teeth of the heat at 12:30 this afternoon, unafraid of the steam rising off the track and ready to take on all-comers.

I was the only one up there.

I decided on some repeat miles, which are one of my favorite workouts (3-6 of them) on the track. Generally, when I am fit, I can run them right around 5:00. I usually take a longer rest (1200m @ 6:40-7:00 pace, which is just over 4 min.). Today I decided to see if I could do 4 at 4:56 (or faster?) with 800m recoveries (3:30-4:00). It was definitely warm and humid, but I embraced it today, in the spirit of the Yankee Homecoming 10-mile, which is coming up later this summer.

2011 finish pic from Peter McLelland

2012 finish pic from Peter McLelland

Note the completely saturated shorts in both pictures.

Actually, today was a little more like this "fuzzy" shot from the '06 Melody Miles in Hamilton.

Unfortunately, today's workout results don't deserve the full "Boom." of the John Madden / Level Renner vernacular, but were more like:

Mile 1 - 5:02 ("Boom?")
Mile 2 - 5:02 ("Boo..?")
Mile 3 - 5:08 ("Bo..")
Mile 4 - 5:11 ("B-b-b")

(For an appropriate usage of the term, see Mr. MacKnight's workout from last Thursday)

A little disheartening, but then again, I went up there expecting to run 4 miles by myself on the track faster than I ever had before. I will probably try to re-visit this workout in a couple weeks.

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