Monday, July 1, 2013

figured out the problem, no problem (or maybe there is)

Yesterday's afternoon run was one of the worst/toughest of my life. For no visible reason, I struggled mightily for 4+ miles in the humidity, then took a left turn to shorten my misery from 10 miles to eight. After I turned off the main road, I took off my shirt and started to walk. The four miles home or so, I alternated walking and running, hanging my head and thinking about retiring from the sport completely. No enjoyment at all, which is a rare thing for me on a run. This was the third or fourth day in a row where the humidity seemed to be almost too much for me, even though it hasn't really been that hot. Also had kind of a drag week at work last week, but I had attributed that to travel back from NJ, plus a pretty significant mileage increase the week before.

So, this morning, I slept in a little - Heather did 10 miles before I got up - and then I got up to get going and get breakfast ready. Started to make coffee, and realized that the Caribou Coffee I've been drinking (trusting, relying upon) for the past five days is DECAF!!! I quickly switched the bag with another bag of Caribou from the cupboard, triumphant! Even with the first few sips, I felt like my life was being restored to me. This morning, in my office, I have sent a half dozen emails that I couldn't get together last week. Glad to feel like everything is back in its right place. I'm only slightly concerned about the way my life collapsed into a shambles with five days of decaf... (I did get to enjoy a latte on Saturday afternoon, or I don't want to think what might have happened.)

Today: look out track, here I come!

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